Matrix IT, the large international corporation, has stolen important files from us and intends to use the data as incentive for smaller companies to sell out to them, creating a terrible monopoly for I.T. services across the globe! We Need your help! 

Security knows who we are, thus we can`t get anywhere near the building without being detected, but you, you can get passed security! We need you to find the flash drive and get it back before it`s too late!

We know the flash drive is kept in a safe in the C.E.O's office. Fortunately we have disabled camera's and alarms, but only for a short time. You'll need to work together quickly and efficiently in order to get the files out in time! 

Are you quick witted, cunning, and attentive to detail enough to crack this escape room?

Available room lengths:  

15 mins

30 mins

45 mins

1 hour